Kathleen: The Hostile Hostess


Oh, hello there.

I’m Kathleen, a twenty-something “creative type” with an old soul and curmudgeon-like tendencies. Despite my abrasive personality, I do have a FEW friends that I have managed to keep through culinary bribery and super sweet dinner parties. Though I love to entertain, I hate explaining how I made everything to my guests, especially when I barely know how I did any of it in the first place. Now, I sorta, kinda pay attention to measurements and quantities for the sake of recipe sharing, but I will forever use the disclaimer: CONSTANTLY TASTE EVERYTHING AS YOU COOK.

Clearly this blog was initially born from spite, but now I’m pretty enthusiastic about it. Taking the leap from Instagram asshole, (follow me @hostile_hostess) to full fledged blogger, just feels right. I still heavily rely on my Samsung Galaxy SIII and filters such as Valencia, Mayfair & Hefe, so my photos are not the best. Don’t judge me. Maybe someday I’ll get a real camera and I’ll live in an apartment with a kitchen that supplies more than twenty miserable minutes of natural light per day.

In conclusion, this IS a cooking blog and if you can sort through all the sarcasm, you might end up with a dish to be proud of.

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